Indoor coaching with us and your game can reach a higher level!

The winter period is the most important period of the year for a golfer to improve and develop his technical skills, indoor coaching trainings is the way to go! Such trainings offer time to implement long term changes to the swing, that will lead the body to have better stable muscle memory on witch the modification will take effect.


All our training sessions are run with use of Trackman technology.


We offer different training possibilities starting from a 5 hours training package and up to a 50 hours package.


Our vision for indoor coaching and training:


  • 5 hour training package: aimed at one training per month;
    Training goal: to keep your swing basics clean and not let any major mistakes develop during the winter months.
  • 10 hour training package: aimed at two trainings per month;
    Training goal: maintenance or development of the swing basics;  training will focus on modifying selected technical points agreed between player and golf pro.
  • 25 hour training package: aimed at one training per week;
    Training goal: perfect for hight and low level players; after evaluation of the work the training will be oriented around 5 major keys points of the swing to be work through out the winter; each keys point will have a focus for a one month period of work.
  • 50 hour training package: aimed at two hour individual training per week;
    Training goal: go to the next level;  we will established a list of points and priorities followed by  creation of a  program for the next 5 months; in general the first 30 hours of the program are based on modification and improvement of the swing while the last 20 are spit into maintenance and acquisition of  new skills that trainer and student agree on.

You can find more information into the price list and our training packages.

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